Covid-19 Initiative Products

Note: This FAQ section is only applicable to products listed under the Covid-19 Initiative category.

How Are Your Products Packaged and Shipped?
They are wrapped in protective material, packaged in cardboard boxes or cardboard protection and shipped via the courier you select at checkout

Can These Partitions Be Used As Security Barriers?
No! None of our partitions are designed to be used as physical security barriers. The purpose of our products are to create a physical “sneeze guard” type barrier between customer and employee where security is not a concern.

Can You Custom Build Partitions Not Available On Your Website?
Yes, please contact us for a custom built solution.

What Is Your Return Policy For Partitions?
As we rapidly produce these partitions on an order-by-order basis, we unfortunately cannot accept returns on any covid-19 initiative products.

What Installation Methods are Available?
We offer freestanding, double sided adhesive and screw down installation methods depending on the product. Please visit the product page for more information.

Where Do You Currently Ship To?
We currently ship to every province except for Quebec. Please note, we do not collect provincial sales tax in BC, MB or SK. Clients who purchase from those provinces are responsible for self assessing and reporting provincial sales tax on their orders.


Where Are Your Products Made?
Our products are proudly Canadian made in Barrie, Ontario.

What Kind Of Casework Material Do You Use?
Our TFL casework is produced with name brand material that is CARB 2 compliant. This includes such manufacturers as Uniboard, Tafisa, Panval and Flakeboard. Our pre-finished plywood is domestic gradeĀ only and not imported from overseas.

What Edgebanding Is Available?
Our standard edgebanding is 0.5mm PVC.

What Kind of Finish do you use?
All finished components are finished in a premium, post catalyzed conversion varnish.

What is the Tolerance of Paint Colour Accuracy?
Our colour lab has a fully automated and highly accurate solid colour tint machine. However, some colours can require such little colorant that makes repeatability a challenge – even for us. We aim to provide a 10% variance on all mixed colours, however many are much better than that.

What Hinge / Drawer Slide Hardware do you use?
We exclusively use Blum brand Clip-Top hinges and Blum brand Movento drawer slides for our casework.

Design / Layout

Design / Layout Questions

Do You Offer Cabinetry Design / Layout For An Entire Space or Room?
Unfortunately, overall cabinetry design / layout is not something that we offer thru Cab2Size. To keep cost as low as possible, we only focus on cabinetry customization at the component level.

If you’re not confident in your ability to perform an accurate overall design or layout, please visit our main website to access our core, turn key solutions.

Who Is Responsible For Fit and Function of The Cabinetry I Order?
You are ultimately responsible for the fit and function of the cabinetry that you order. This includes understanding the basics of cabinetry design and accurately referencing all relevant technical information about our products prior to placing an order. We are responsible for manufacturing each component accurately based on your order and not how that component interacts with other components or areas of your space.

If you’re not confident in your ability to perform an accurate overall design or layout, please visit our main website to access our core, turn key solutions including full cabinetry design and expert installation.

Can You Custom Build Items Not Available On Your Website?
Due to the fact that Cab2Size is exclusively based on efficient customization of pre-designed components, we are not able to custom manufacture items outside of our current e-commerce library thru this website.

For custom components, please submit an RFQ thru our main website

About The Company

About Cab2Size

Why Do I see both Cab2Size and Norcab Kitchen?
Cab2Size is a trade name owned by Norcab Kitchen & Millwork Co. Inc.

How Long Have You Been Operating?
Despite Cab2Size being a fairly recent venture, Norcab Kitchen & Millwork Co. Inc. has been operating and producing cabinetry since 1999. We manufacture in a modern 25,000 sq/ft facility in Barrie ON.


Return Policy / Damaged Items

Can I Return Cabinetry That I’ve Ordered?
No. Due to the fact that we customize our products based on your specific requirements, all sales are final. We encourage you to thoroughly review all orders prior to placing them to double check order accuracy. If your product arrives defective or incorrect to what you’ve ordered, please contact us to start a claim.

My Product Has Arrived Defective or Incorrect To What I’ve Ordered. What Do I Do?
We’re sorry there is a problem! Please contact us to start a claim. We will diligently check our internal manufacturing records against your order to verify the issue. If we cannot verify the problem on our end, we may ask you provide some pictures and details to help us locate the problem.

If we are at fault, we will replace the affected product(s) free of charge. Please note, to help curb abuse from incorrectly ordered items, we cannot make any changes to replacement products as originally ordered.

What If My Item Arrived Damaged?
We’re sorry to hear that your item arrived damaged! We use third party shipping services to deliver all shipped products and unfortunately cannot control how the product is handled once it leaves our facility. Please contact us immediately upon discovery of the damage to initiate a claim. We may require details and images of the problem. We will contact the shipping company and work with all parties towards a solution.

Please be advised that you have up to 48 hours following the delivery of our product to inspect it for freight related damage. If you elect to pickup your product, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs once it leaves our facility.

My Product Arrived As Ordered But Doesn’t Fit or Function Like I Want. What Can Be Done?
As Cab2Size is a component level manufacturing service, we are only responsible for the accuracy of the component we manufacture to what you’ve ordered. If you discover that a component isn’t working the way you had planned, you can re-order that component using different specifications that will work correctly.

If you are unable to re-order that component because it does not meet the minimum order quantity, please contact our customer service. We can work towards manually approving the order and batching it in with another similar order.

My Account

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Where can I find my order history?

Your current and past order history is found beneath My Account –> Orders

You can either view a summary of all orders or click into specific orders to see more details.

I want to know the status of my order, where can I find that?

Your order status is found beneath My Account –> Orders

My billing or shipping details have changed. Where can I update them?

You can add or update your billing and shipping details in My Account –> Addresses

I have a new email address. Where can I change it?

You can update your email address in My Account –> Account Details

Where can I change my password when I am logged into my account?

You can change your password in My Account –> Account Details


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